17 Thousand Visits in April. 250 New Fans added

     Trending News - Pat Ryan Music Gallery Listener Trafic to Pat Ryan's on-line Music Gallery increased again in April with 17,500 new visits. As well Internet Radio Airplay has generated 250 new fans. Highest trending Fan Appeal is for:  "RENO"Read more

Katrina Song predicted a return event

  "The Kat Came In" The ballad of Katrina, published by Pat Ryan in 2009 has many parallels to Hurricane Sandy. Did we learn anything? Did we act? Will we forget again as soon at Sandy passes by? Check …Read more

Free "RENO" Song Downloads for ALL Pat Ryan Band Fans

All FANS get a free "RENO" song download. YES - EVERYONE Just sign up and receive your personal download coupon. . USA wins the Friendly International competition. The Pat Ryan Band released their new song "RENO" on September 1st. …Read more

World Fan Base keeps Growing

International Fan Base is Growing Thank you everyone for Listening. Have a great Day, ..Pat pat ryan world fan base international growing new music

"I Cant Deny" - Pat Ryan - New Song Release

 I am pleased to release "I Cant Deny". This New Song Release is a power ballad love song. A captivating mix of modern classical piano and emotional vocal lyrics. ..Pat Ryan song most popular Pat Ryan New favorite