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Riveting Story line.   Deep Rich Guitar.

Hot, Emotional Saxophone.

Truly Unconventional.

See if you like it.

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Writer / Singer - Pat RyanAcoustic Guitar - Mitch GlanzSaxophone - Colin MoormanBass - Bruce WilliamsDrums - Keith Hunter.


Just a friendly notice that I have completed a new song for your review.

CLICK HERE  --- >    "I Told Her No"

If you get a moment to listen, I would love to hear any feedback that you may wish to pass on.

As always, I very much appreciate your interest in my music.

Have a great day,  ..Pat


Pat  Ryan

Hi Friends and Fans
Just a freindly notice that I have completed a new song for your review.

"I Needed Love"

If you get a moment to listen, I would love to hear any feedback that you may wish to pass on.

As always, I very much appreciate your interest in my music.

Have a great day,  ..Pat

PAT RYAN performing - at Ancient Hill Winery.

With "Special Guest" appearance from "Lynsay Mariuz"
Sunday, July 31.   2:00 - 4:00
4918 Anderson Rd

Drop in to Ancient Hill Winery on Sunday for some of the very best Okanagan wines. And catch me performing my original songs from my three CDs, as well as, new songs from my next CD in production.


I hope to see your there. ..Pat

Come out and enjoy Ancient Hill Winery and take in my free performance.
Listen to songs from my three published CDs and
brand new songs from my new CD in production.
We will have lots of fun again this year at Ancient Hill Winery on the patio.
Hope to see you there,  ..Pat

PAT RYAN performing

at Ancient Hill Winery.
Sunday, June 28th. 1:00 - 3:30
4918 Anderson Rd

Drop in to Ancient Hill Winery on Sunday

for some of the very best Okanagan wines.

And catch me performing original songs

from my three CDs.

I hope to see your there. ..Pat

The first Gig, to release "The Dream" album, was a nice success.
Approximately 3,000 were in attendance in Kamloops for my 70 minute performance.
Lots of CD's were purchased, and more CD orders keep coming in.
Thank you everyone for your kind support.
I'm glad you are finding some enjoyment through my songs.
Live performance Videos are also compiled so I look forward to sharing these soon.
Cheers!!, ..Pat Ryan
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Pat Ryan will be perfoming LIVE at the Kamloops Brier Patch. Wednesday March 5, at 4:15.

Come and hear Pat's LIVE solo performance and many of his original songs.

Pat Ryan is pleased to release his third full length music CD entitled "THE DREAM".
This is a compilation of 13 original new songs. "THE DREAM" crosses several genres; Country, Pop and Rock. This music is created with input from some very creative talented musicians. Lynsay Ryan, Ken Heatherington, David Knight and Chris Stanford have all contributed significantly to the final project. The music is fun and uplifting. The lyrics are masterful, allowing the listener to create their own mind-movie and story.
Listen to many of Pat's new songs at Pat Ryan's music gallery
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TSN Sports Radio featured our song "DROP THAT PUCK" in an interview from the Canadian Olympic Trials.
Enjoy the Interview.


Thank you for the Great Fan support.
" Not The Perfect Stranger ".
My new song has had a lot of visiters listening from around the world.
This is mainly the result of fan sharing. "Not the Perfect Stranger" has interesting lyrics and I have certainly heard all ranges of comments with some really liking the story, while others feel uncomfortable.
Some people hear this as a chance encounter, while some see this as the final break up on a long term relationship, or even a job.
I hope that the lyrics in all my songs are not so confining that the listener must follow a rigid carved out story from start to finish. For me, the art in writing lyrics is to create something for each listener so they can create their own movie in their minds.
From the fan comments that I have received, I think "Not The Perfect Stranger" has hit the mark.
Please drop in and listen again.
What is the story that you hear?
Post your comments. Good and Bad. I appreciate them all.
Thank you all for your continued support to my music.
Pat Ryan

Masterfully chosen Lyrics from beginning to end.
Listen & Post your song review on the web site.
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Trending News - Pat Ryan Music Gallery
Listener Trafic to Pat Ryan's on-line Music Gallery increased again in April with 17,500 new visits.
As well Internet Radio Airplay has generated 250 new fans.
Highest trending Fan Appeal is for: "RENO" and "LITTLE ANGEL".
Click on my Music Gallery site and listen to more of my songs.
It's all FREE!!
Please enjoy.
..Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan Music Fan Base:

Number 1 - USANumber 2 - ChinaNumber 3 - Canada

I am amazed at how my music site has reached out and been touched by music lovers around the globe. This past year, there where 175,000 people that dropped in to listen on my personal music site from 94 countries.

To my friends and fans from the following locations around the world, a “BIG THANK YOU” for your interest and support. ..Pat

Yeah World!!!

Canada, Singapore, United States, Cambodia, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, Switzerland, Panama, Hong Kong, South Africa, China, Zimbabwe, Portugal, Costa Rica, New Zealand, India, Chile, Germany, Ukraine, Ireland, Romania, Nigeria, Great Britain, Seychelles, World Non Profit Organizations, Czech Republic, Japan, Iraq, Poland, Myanmar, Singapore, Luxembourg, Kenya, USSR, Brazil, Pakistan, Australia, Rwanda, Qatar, Honduras, Brazil, Latvia, Denmark, Argentina, Morocco, Finland, Cocos Islands, Slovenia, Grenada, France, Italy, Moldova, Hungary, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Columbia, Bahamas, Mongolia, South Korea, Benin, Brunei Darussalam, Mexico, Netherlands, Estonia, Turkey, Cyprus, Ghana, Paraguay, Ecuador, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Israel, Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Indian Ocean Territory, Arpanet, Uruguay, Slovak Republic, Indonesia, Sweden, Belarus, Thailand, Croatia, Venezuela, Philippines & Viet Nam.

"Seven Years to the Day". Now Released.

Fantastic musicians collaborating and Incredible Studio Production, and we have a great new song released world-wide today.


  "The Kat Came In"
The ballad of Katrina, published by Pat Ryan in 2009 has many parallels to Hurricane Sandy.
Did we learn anything?
Did we act?
Will we forget again as soon at Sandy passes by?
Check out "The Kat Came In" at iTUNES:
"Little Angel" keeps attracting the most web hits.
New Release in 2012. "Little Angel" is a favorite wedding dance song. Listen to "Little Angel" at Pat Ryan Music Studio web site.
All FANS get a free "RENO" song download.
Just sign up and receive your personal download coupon.
USA wins the Friendly International competition.
The Pat Ryan Band released their new song "RENO" on September 1st. And the international interest started quickly. 52 Countries signed in to listen to "RENO".
Click here to listen:
See how your Country made out on the Leader Board:
October 1, 2012
USA 1,214 plays
Canada 980
Germany 671
United Kingdom 556
China 423
Switzerland 266
Russian Federation 198
Panama 83
Just sign in to the "new song notice list" and you will receive a free download. Cheers!! ..Pat
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"Reno" Is released early!!
Rock full of energy. & Fun
Three Great Reasons to Listen to "RENO"
1) A little about Gambling.
2) A little about Life.
3) A little bit Country.
Just Click the "listen" tab at my music studio web site to hear "Reno" first.
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International Fan Base is Growing
Thank you everyone for Listening.
Have a great Day, ..Pat
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 I am pleased to release "I Cant Deny". This New Song Release is a power ballad love song. A captivating mix of modern classical piano and emotional vocal lyrics. ..Pat Ryan
best love song most popular Pat Ryan New favorite
Thank you for loving "LITTLE ANGEL"
The new Father Daughter song is getting a lot of plays.
2,000 hits per day !!! Wow!!
Please Listen, Leave me a Comment, and SHARE with your friends.
Thank you, ..Pat
top new favorite popular most rock country best wedding
                             "Little Angel"
Daddy - Daughter Song Story
My daughter asked me to find a song for our wedding dance.
While I searched for the right song for our father - daughter dance, I could not find a song that fit the message I wanted to convey to her.
So I wrote this song for Lynsay and her wedding.
And this is how "Little Angel" came into being.
I hope you enjoy it. ..Pat 
best father daddy daughter wedding dance song country soft rock pop new favorite popular most
Pat Ryan's Golf Song
Yikes!!! 17,000 Hits in 3 days !!!
I dont know what constitutes " viral ", but this is quite exciting to watch.
Thank you everyone for enjoying this song. ..Pat
Ps; Sunday morning is always best with a Golf Game. And a few side wagers.

The Golf Song - is inspired by some great sports achievers. Mike Weir, Wayne Gretzky, Ray Mariuz.

Ohh and also my overactive imagination which has a life of it's own.

I wrote this song two years ago and sent a draft recording to a Nashville songwriting judge and she encouraged me to pursue what was already in her words..  "Best Golfin' Story I ever Heard. COMPLETELY original lyrics".

Ok well, that was two years ago and I took all of her advice, fixing some of the song structure and collaborating with some outstanding musicians. And she was right. "The Golf Song" emerged in a form that works from most angles of song scrutiny.

That said, it is the new listeners that will decide if they will listen to the whole song.

And if music magic occurs, the spell will be set and someone will want to hear it again and again.

We had a blast recording it.

To hear the Golf Song, just Click the "LISTEN" tab (up on the left side of this page).

I hope you enjoy it, and please leave me any comments you like.

Thank you  ..Pat Ryan

International Fan Base is really growing!!

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Hi everyone. This is Pat.   " Welcome to my Music Site "

This site allows me to showcase for you, all of the songs that I have written and produced.

I am working on a number of new songs which, when ready, will be posted "one at a time" for your reviews. I expect approximately One New Song - every Four months.

I value your input and comments and would love to have you sign up your email (above) for these new song release updates. I promise you will only receive new song notifications, so rest assured that you will not be bombarded with needless emails from my web site.

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Thank you for dropping in.  I hope to see you here again soon. 

All the best to you, ..Pat


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